Saturday, November 12, 2011

[118] Betty Esperanza, Montreal, QC Canada

Hello My Beautiful ABAD friends,

I feel really bad that I didn't have the foresight to confirm my submission in time for the opening. I have been so busy that I actually forgot about it until Friday.
I am sending the original in the mail so that you can add it to your collection. I will send about 25 cards.
I have never missed an ABAD show and I dont plan thank you for posting my he(art) on your blog. I will also send you a little Montreal surprize!
The show looks great and I wish I could visit you. One day I hope.!!
Peace and love from Betty

here is a little story about the ABAD PostArt:


The Bare Naked Ladies and Gent by Betty Esperanza, Montreal, Quebec, Canada © 2011

Everyday I take the subway to go to work and everyday a homeless man and sometimes a woman, sits or stands to beg for change. On this very cold and humid day, this homeless man slept on the wet ceramic floor at the bottom of the escalator...hundreds of people filed past him. Some threw a quarter, some looked back in disgust and some didn't even notice him. He has one amputated arm and always takes his shirt off - hoping that his handicap might warrant more value. On this day, I took a photo and put $5.00 in his hat after which I took a photo. As I moved upwards on the escalator, another homeless man came down the stairs and snatched the $5.00 and ran off. I guess he really needed it. I didn't feel bad for the armless man because he had no knowledge of what happened. I now make it a point to give $5.00 to each homeless person whenever I can...I nudge the ones that are sleepy so that they know of its existence and may feel the warmth of a $5.00 bill.

Betty Esperanza

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