Sunday, February 26, 2012

Message to Everyone Who Participated in ABAD Seattle

Dear Artist,

All artists will receive a free "e-book".

This spring, Quetzalcoatl Gallery is planning to
publish a book about the exhibition A BOOK ABOUT DEATH SEATTLE. The book
will cover the month of activities at the gallery and related material.
After the project firms up, we will email you the particulars of how to
cite this publication on your resume. The gallery would like to have a
page featuring each artist, poet, musician, writer or contributor to the
project. In order to arrange the artist pages, we are asking you to please
submit the following so that we have all the information in one document:

1) A jpeg of the image (300DPI is adequate) if you are an artist with work
on the Quetzalcoatl Gallery wall to
2) Your portrait/ professional picture if you are an artist, writer, poet,
musician or other contributor
3) Your name & Country of origin
4) Biography/artist statement about your image or your participation in
the exhibition 250 words maximum
5) website or any contact information. Email subject line: Your name/ABAD Seattle Book

Also, please agree and send back the following release:
I am the author of the attached art and I
_______________________________________ agree to give Quetzalcoatl Gallery
and Almendra Sandoval permission to publish and distribute my image,
picture and artist information and to use any of this information for
publicity purposes. This permission is solely limited to the following
rights: Reproduction and Distribution. As author, I retain all rights, and
by granting permission to reproduce and distribute the attached image, am
not forfeiting any rights under the Copyright Act."

Artist signature______________________________________________________________

Date________________________ Location

Deadline: Friday March 23, 2012

Quetzalcoatl Gallery
206.334-0749 * 3209 Beacon Ave S. Seattle WA 98144


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, Almendra. Please use the photo from the ABAD blog which is actually the best repro I have. Also can you use the photo of me from the beginning of the opening blog--it's the full face photo--a little dark ,but that's o.k. I'll send the contract in signed soon. Thank you for doing this. Hope you can round up most of these people. I will be available to help with copy for the book. love, Herb